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Prevent moths from infesting your home

There are several ways you can keep clothes moths out of your home. Since they thrive in dark environments where fabrics are vulnerable, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of infestation.


Keep things clean

Clothes moths thrive in dark, wet, dirty environments. Keeping a clean home will ensure that they are not able to lay eggs in places that offer them protection and nutrients. Dust and vacuum regularly, keeping an eye out for moth eggs and larvae.


Space Saver bags

These bags allow you to compactly store articles of clothing by creating a vacuum-packed seal. I used these after my moth infestation and they’ve been instrumental in reducing and eliminating my infestation. There were several storage bins in my basement that looked air-tight, but in reality they were easily accessible to moths. A vacuum-sealed bag is a good way to ensure your clothes are safeguarded.


Natural repellents

Lavender oil is a great natural repellent for moths. You can place lavender flowers in your closet or places moths could hide, or you can place an oil diffuser in a room to keep moths out.