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Moth Tips for the UK

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This month, Graham in London asked me to elaborate on the state of clothes moths in the United Kingdom.

Mr. “Moth Guy,”

Greetings from the UK! I’m not sure how many emails you get from across the Atlantic (assuming you’re American?) but I wanted to tell you that this website has been a tremendous help. I live in a flat in the north of London (Hampstead) and recently got rid of my moth infestation using many of the tactics so eloquently described on your website.

I was wondering if you had any comments on whether carpet moths are more common in the UK, as our climate is quite damp. I would like to prevent them from returning. Have you anything to share?



Well, Graham. It’s my pleasure to help you in your moth journey.

It’s interesting you asked about the status of UK clothes moths. I have indeed noticed an uptick in questions coming from the UK (and Europe) over the past year. According to a recent reports, English Heritage have reported a massive increase in moth trap deployments to combat the scourge. Operation Clothes Moth, as it were, has declared war on the household pest throughout Britain in an attempt to preserve historical properties.

I cannot explain the reason for the UK’s current explosion in clothes moth infestations, but I can tell you that the breeds there are identical to what you see here in America. We (and you) have two types: webbing and casemaking.

Britain may have a greater number of homes with wool carpeting and home insulation, suggesting a greater propensity for moths to stick around.

-The Moth Guy

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