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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Vacuum-Sealed Bags

This month we got a question from Ralph in Austin, TX. Ralph writes:

Moth Guy,

You write a lot about vacuum-sealed bags. Why are these needed? Why can’t I put my clothes in a drawer to keep them away from moths? I also have several large Sterlite containers that I use for clothing storage. Are these not sufficient? Please explain.


Ralph, I appreciate you asking this. Here are three reasons you should be using vacuum-sealed bags:

  1. They create a barrier. One of the most important things about safeguarding clothes from moths is creating a vapor barrier that insulates them against infestation. When you vacuum-seal clothing, you put them in a low-pressure environment where very little air is inside. Moths won’t be able to enter.
  2. They help compact your clothes. When you seal the bag, you’ll see air get sucked out and your clothes get smaller. An otherwise large bag of sweaters becomes an easy-to-store garment bag that can slide under your bed or go into a drawer.
  3. They are cheap and easy to use. You can pick up a bag online for a low price. This is better than a box or container because those things don’t create a perfect barrier. Even the smallest hole will let moths in. Once you use one, you’ll be hooked!


-The Moth Guy

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