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Are Clothes Moths Seasonal?

This month, I got an email from Chuck in Iowa. Chuck wants to know if he should prepare his home for an upcoming “moth season.”

Hello Moth Guy,

Should I prepare my house for moth season this year? I defeated my moth infestation late last year and haven’t seen any since late November. I know as the weather gets warmer, we should expect a surge in moths. What steps can I take to prepare for this spring?


Chuck, thanks for your question. It’s important to understand that while moths are not seasonal creatures per se, their infestations usually are. In the right conditions, clothes moths can live indoors regardless of what season it is.

However, there is indeed a “moth season” that begins in earnest around April of each year and goes until November (or first frost, depending on where you live). Moth eggs do not tolerate freezing, so the winter months retard the spread of moth infestation. However, if they are already in your home at that date, outdoor temperatures will not have much affect on their rate of reproduction.

What can you do to prepare for moth season? As the weather warms, make sure you have screens installed on your windows. Clothes moths can come from outside. Assuming your infestation has been eradicated, make sure you adhere to best practices in storing wool sweaters for the summer season. I would not recommend keeping them in your closet during the summer months unless they are kept in vacuum-sealed bags.

Rest easy, friends.

-The Moth Guy

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