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3 Reasons You Should Clean Your House


This month, we were asked by Bridgette in Seattle whether a clean home would get rid of moths.

Hey Moth Guy!

I know you talk a lot about keeping a clean home, and I couldn’t agree more! My husband and I have two Yorkshire Terriers that we adore (Loki and Lilo). Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them, especially because our first baby is on the way. I’m worried about my grandmother’s antique sweater collection we have stored in the attic. Should I move them to storage?


Congrats on your firstborn! I’m going to outline a very simple list about why you should keep your house clean to prevent clothes moths:

  1. Reduces dust and dander. You mentioned you have two dogs that you’re constantly cleaning up after. Pets are great, but if you let your home become dusty and dirty, it makes it more likely that you get a moth infestation. If you clean regularly, this will keep moths from finding a place to live.
  2. Protects valuables. While I think sending your valuable sweaters off to storage is a bit drastic, especially since you didn’t report any moth infestation, it would be wise to put them in vacuum-sealed bags. This will ensure they are not vulnerable to infestation.
  3. Keeps moths out. A clean home, free of dust and dander, is the enemy to voracious moths. They need a source of keratin to live.


-The Moth Guy

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