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Where to Look for Clothes Moths

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This month, we were asked to help Carlos from Flagstaff, Arizona. Carlos wants to know where he can find clothes moths in his home.

Moth Guy,

You talk about finding moths. Well, in my house I noticed them up high near the ceiling. Why do they go there? I don’t see any in my clothes.


Carlos, you make a great point about clothes moths congregating near the ceiling. Take a look at the following picture:

A clothes moth innocently perched on the wall around 8 pm

This photo speaks to a few interesting behavioral characteristics of these creatures. First, they often reveal themselves inadvertently on walls. They also love corners, for some reason (where the wall meets the ceiling).

When I was dealing with my own infestation, I would see two or three at a time congregate at the top of the wall near the ceiling. We will never know the exact motivations of clothes moths.

Although they prefer to hide, when they do come out, they love the walls. A brown moth contrasted against a white background is an easy thing to spot. When you are sweeping your house for signs of moths, check the walls second, after checking your garments.

-The Moth Guy

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