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Why Does the UK Have Carpet Moths?

UK moths

We live in a globalized world. From the advent of the Age of Colonialism, new crops, products, and ideas have permeated the globe to an astounding degree, in an experiment over 500 years into the making. Local indigenous populations of animals and insects have migrated and become global. While the venerable clothes moth is truly […]

Do Clothes Moths Eat Dust?


Our Moth Hotline received the following question from Rodney in Baltimore about whether moths can eat dust: Moth Guy, I have a severe moth infestation in my basement. What puzzles me is the fact that there is no carpet down there, nor is there any clothing or anything that they could eat. It’s a dusty […]

3 Reasons Cats Attract Carpet Moths

Russian blue cat wearing yellow sunglasses

We received an interesting inquiry this month from Kyle in Seattle, Washington. Kyle wants to know if his cat is causing his moth infestation. Hey Moth Guy, Love the site. Wanted to get your thoughts on cats attracting moths. I can’t seem to get rid of them. -Kyle I’m really glad you asked. This is […]

Moth Tips for the UK

United Kingdom flags hanged near building

This month, Graham in London asked me to elaborate on the state of clothes moths in the United Kingdom. Mr. “Moth Guy,” Greetings from the UK! I’m not sure how many emails you get from across the Atlantic (assuming you’re American?) but I wanted to tell you that this website has been a tremendous help. […]

What’s Wrong with Mothballs?

On this month’s Moth Hotline, Bruce from California wants to know the deets on why I recommend against mothballs. Hey Moth Guy! You take a pretty strong stance against mothballs. When I was a kid, my grandmother would put her clothes in a trunk and toss in a few mothballs to keep the moths away. […]