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4 Signs You Have Carpet Moths

common clothes moth

It’s hard to tell if you have carpet moths. These signs will help you diagnose your moth problem.

Carpet Moths are synonymous with Clothes Moths, the creatures that feed on natural fibers containing keratin. While many newer carpets are constructed from synthetic fibers, thus making them impervious to moth digestion, older carpets and many throw rugs are made from wool and silk. These are three tell-tale signs you have a carpet moth problem:


1. You see grayish colored eggs

Moth eggs look like small grains of sand. If you see these in large quantities inside closets, under carpets, or anywhere moths could be hiding, you may have a moth problem. 



2. Your rug has small holes or frayed edges

This is a classic sign you have Clothes Moth problem. Be sure to inspect the area in and around the rug for signs of infestation. You’ll want to inspect for eggs and larvae. Take a closer look at the signs of infestation.


3. You see adult moths congregating

Because adult clothes moths do not eat fibers, you will never catch a flying moth feasting on your cherished garments! Therefore, it’s important to inspect the areas around where the rug is placed—look on furniture, walls, and ceilings. This guide can help identify which species of Clothes Moth you have in your home.


moth on ceiling
moth on ceiling


4. You see mysterious white webs

In addition to eggs and larvae, moths leave behind the webbing from their cocoons where they spend time feeding. Depending on the species of moth, they will either spin silk webs or build cocoons of rug fibers.

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