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Why Does the UK Have Carpet Moths?

UK moths

We live in a globalized world. From the advent of the Age of Colonialism, new crops, products, and ideas have permeated the globe to an astounding degree, in an experiment over 500 years into the making. Local indigenous populations of animals and insects have migrated and become global. While the venerable clothes moth is truly […]

What’s the Difference between Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths?

clothes moth

This week, we received a letter from Josie in Chicago, IL about the difference between clothes moths and carpet moths: Moth Guy, You use the terms “carpet moths” and “clothes moths” interchangeably. Is there a difference between the two? Love the site! Josie This is an important question. In my opinion, I believe the reason […]

Where to Look for Clothes Moths

flash light

This month, we were asked to help Carlos from Flagstaff, Arizona. Carlos wants to know where he can find clothes moths in his home. Moth Guy, You talk about finding moths. Well, in my house I noticed them up high near the ceiling. Why do they go there? I don’t see any in my clothes. […]

Do Clothes Moths Eat Dust?


Our Moth Hotline received the following question from Rodney in Baltimore about whether moths can eat dust: Moth Guy, I have a severe moth infestation in my basement. What puzzles me is the fact that there is no carpet down there, nor is there any clothing or anything that they could eat. It’s a dusty […]

Do Clothes Moths Come out at Night?

moth trap

We received a question from Christina in Baltimore about the sleep cycle of clothes moths. Moth Guy, First, I just want to say “thank you” for all the great information on your site! I took the steps you said in your attack plan and it seems to be working. The moths in my house are […]

3 Signs You Have a Moth Problem

This month, Julia in upstate New York contacted us with a moth emergency. She writes: Dear Moth Guy, EMERGENCY: I live in a countryside home in upstate New York. This week, I returned from vacation only to find several tiny tan-colored moths in my living room. I can’t figure out where they are coming from. […]

Do Moths Eat Synthetic Fibers?

Moth damage

This month I received a question from Troy in Sacramento, California. Troy is wondering whether he should vacuum-seal his polyester sweaters. Moth Guy, Your website says moths only eat wool and silk. I don’t own anything silk, just wool. When I put my wool sweaters away for the season, should I vacuum seal my synthetic […]

Can Moths Bite?

Today, we’re going to open up the floor to Sylvia from Pennsylvania, who posed the following question: Dear Moth Guy, My apartment is filled with moths. Before I go to bed, sometimes I see them flying around in my room. Do they bite? It safe to sleep in there? Please help! Sylvia Sylvia, I’m glad […]

4 Signs You Have Carpet Moths

common clothes moth

It’s hard to tell if you have carpet moths. These signs will help you diagnose your moth problem. Carpet Moths are synonymous with Clothes Moths, the creatures that feed on natural fibers containing keratin. While many newer carpets are constructed from synthetic fibers, thus making them impervious to moth digestion, older carpets and many throw […]