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Why Does the UK Have Carpet Moths?

UK moths

We live in a globalized world. From the advent of the Age of Colonialism, new crops, products, and ideas have permeated the globe to an astounding degree, in an experiment over 500 years into the making. Local indigenous populations of animals and insects have migrated and become global. While the venerable clothes moth is truly […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Vacuum-Sealed Bags

This month we got a question from Ralph in Austin, TX. Ralph writes: Moth Guy, You write a lot about vacuum-sealed bags. Why are these needed? Why can’t I put my clothes in a drawer to keep them away from moths? I also have several large Sterlite containers that I use for clothing storage. Are […]

3 Reasons You Should Clean Your House


This month, we were asked by Bridgette in Seattle whether a clean home would get rid of moths. Hey Moth Guy! I know you talk a lot about keeping a clean home, and I couldn’t agree more! My husband and I have two Yorkshire Terriers that we adore (Loki and Lilo). Sometimes it’s hard to […]

Are Clothes Moths Seasonal?

This month, I got an email from Chuck in Iowa. Chuck wants to know if he should prepare his home for an upcoming “moth season.” Hello Moth Guy, Should I prepare my house for moth season this year? I defeated my moth infestation late last year and haven’t seen any since late November. I know […]

Moth Tips for the UK

United Kingdom flags hanged near building

This month, Graham in London asked me to elaborate on the state of clothes moths in the United Kingdom. Mr. “Moth Guy,” Greetings from the UK! I’m not sure how many emails you get from across the Atlantic (assuming you’re American?) but I wanted to tell you that this website has been a tremendous help. […]

3 Signs You Have a Moth Problem

This month, Julia in upstate New York contacted us with a moth emergency. She writes: Dear Moth Guy, EMERGENCY: I live in a countryside home in upstate New York. This week, I returned from vacation only to find several tiny tan-colored moths in my living room. I can’t figure out where they are coming from. […]

What Do Moths Eat?


This week, we’re opening up our mail bag! Jonathan in Miami is struggling to understand what clothes moths eat and why they’re in his girlfriend’s apartment. Dear Moth Guy, You already explained this but I still don’t get it. What do moths actually eat except clothes? My girlfriend’s apartment has them and I am trying […]

Why Mothballs Aren’t Healthy

Mothballs kill moths, right? Well, it’s complicated.  Toxicity Mothballs’ mechanism for action is a toxic gas called dichlorobenzene. Mothballs undergo sublimation, which is a process where a solid turns directly into a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. The toxic chemicals of mothballs sublimate into a gas which (theoretically) kills moths and their larvae. The problem […]

Carpet Moths vs. Clothes Moths

two species of moths

How can you tell the difference between a carpet moth and a clothes moth? Given the threat posed by carpet moths and clothes moths, which will eagerly destroy keratin-containing fabrics before they complete metamorphosis, it’s important to understand the differences between these two pests. Often, people believe that any common outdoor moth has the potential […]

Clean Your Room

clear spray bottle

It’s easy to forget how many different places moths can hide around your home. If you take a look at the average American home, which is an average of 2,600 square feet, this leaves many opportunities for Clothes Moths to hide and propagate. Many homes have areas where owners neglect cleaning which can lead to […]